Over the past few years, it’s become a tongue-in-cheek nod to the season for people to have “ugly sweater parties”. At these silly gatherings, party goers don ridiculous sweaters with motifs that would make even the most out of touch dresser cringe. The uglier, the better. Oversized depictions of pine trees, snowmen, or reindeer complete with jingle bell noses all elicit the same response – a mixture of comedic appreciation and dread.

While some people may take pride in their horrific holiday fashions, there are many more who long to perfect a festively stylish look. With weeks of activities celebrating this joyous season, there are nearly endless opportunities to show off your most winning pieces.

Afternoons of decorating and frosting cookies give way to formal corporate functions and glitzy New Years parties, and we find ourselves frantically pulling together outfits to fit the occasion. There’s no denying the frustration that comes with creating an attractive ensemble. It can be enough to turn any holiday enthusiast into a bonafide humbug, but with some tried and true fashion wisdom, you’ll be looking your best in no time.

One sure-fire way to impress is with a little black dress. The little black dress takes a multitude of forms and, when worn correctly, flatters every body type. Because of its versatility, the LBD will be mainstay in your closet for years to come. It’s important, however, to accessorize your LBD with care. Unlike that last minute holiday shopping, this sartorial detail isn’t something you can afford to ignore.

Pairing your LBD with the right jewelry will solidify your status as a fearless fashion plate. To make an entrance this holiday season, look no further than Lisa Robin Jewelry for that beautiful finishing touch. Lisa Robin Jewelry offers a spectrum of gorgeous pieces to choose from as you prepare for holiday events.

The outfit seen here features a sleek one-shoulder black frock and dramatic Lisa Robin earrings. Large lapis stones lend the dainty Mini Portale Earrings a bold edge as a Cushion Cut Gemstone Drop (in smoky quartz) rests on a chain around the neck. The result is a subdued yet striking combination. With attention grabbing earrings and alluring red lips, not much more is needed to complete this wonderful look.

Lisa Robin Jewelry embellishes a variety of lifestyles, so whether you’re shopping with a girlfriend on the weekend, reporting to work, or sipping champagne at a fancy gala, Lisa Robin will compliment your every fashion moment.

Discover more of Lisa Robin at the Holiday Glam Fashion Show on December 7th! Lisa Robin, along with many other local businesses, will be serving up their best holiday styles. This event, sponsored by Cincy Chic, is a terrific excuse to get dolled up and indulge your inner fashionista! As always, stay tuned for our weekly blog, and visit our website for more about Lisa Robin!

– Michaela Neu, guest blogger

Photography by Joe Simon