Ahh, color. It’s one of the wonders of the human experience. Whether we’re admiring a newly blossomed patch of flowers or the array of produce at our local supermarket, color has the ability to bring joy to even the simplest parts of our lives.

Without color, our world would be severely devoid of its amazing richness. The deep tones of turquoise would no longer intrigue our senses. Bright fuchsia would cease to conjure a sense of girlish sophistication. Invigorating red-orange would lose its intense allure, and green would hold no symbolism as the most basic color of nature.

Color creates for us an unmatched realm in which we are free to revel in our innermost emotions. Dreams take flight and we are catapulted into a time and place that knows no bounds. It’s no wonder that there are people who devote their entire lives to the study of color and its effects on living beings. Color is a fascinating topic.

And as much as we will become immersed in color as spring approaches, it is also important to remember the basic hues that all other colors find their foundation in. Black and white are the two poles that all colors correspond to, the degree of which determine the lightness and darkness of all other shades. Black and white, in and of themselves, are extremely powerful colors.

Black, characterized by its innate mystery, is favored by many fashion savvy dressers due to the ease with which it can be worn. Simple yet profound, black is also slimming, which only adds to its popularity.

New York City is famously said to be inhabited by those fashion followers most infatuated with black. This phenomenon, however, can be observed in fashionable cities around the world. When it comes to black, there isn’t any item that can’t look luxurious when fabricated in this devilishly dark shade.

White has a similarly entrancing effect. Known for effortlessly creating a streamlined look, white is a wonderful way to infuse any outfit with class. One of the trendiest ways to wear this hue is by donning head-to-toe white. Though few may undertake such a sartorial challenge, when done right, the result is pure sophistication.

And though white and black are formidable color players in their own right, graphic black and white patterns are another guaranteed style victory. To keep these traditional hues from looking too safe, though, it’s imperative to sport black and white motifs with knock-out accessories. Lisa Robin Jewelry is up to the task yet again, as demonstrated in this beautiful look from a recent fashion show.

Bold in Black and White

Adding just enough interest to this ladylike shift dress is the Long Paisley Chain with Medium Medallions. The length of the chain breaks up the dress’s hounds-tooth pattern and the medallions introduce another fun pattern to the mix. This paisley theme is echoed in Lisa Robin’s Large Medallion Bracelet. The weight of the bracelet balances the sleeveless style of the dress, as do the trio of Stack Rings.

Lisa Robin’s stack rings offer endless possibilities for accessorizing your digits. With options in including patterned bands and bands with gemstones, these rings make wonderful gifts and allow fashionistas to customize their look. Completing this ensemble are the lovely Mini Portale Earrings with made more special with added gemstone drops.

This outfit was seen by fashion lovers at December’s Holiday Glam fashion show. Hosted by Cincy Chic, this festive event showcased the wears of local shops and boutiques. The night culminated in a fashion show featuring Lisa Robin Jewelry and clothing from area retailers. Lisa Robin was honored to be part of such a great event, and even more excited to show an eager audience how to style some of our best pieces!

There’s no reason for your black and white outfit to be lacking in any way when you have Lisa Robin Jewelry to jazz it up! Check out more of our gorgeous collection today and try your hand at infusing a color-neutral look with some statement pieces!

– Michaela Neu, Lisa Robin blogger